Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off We Go!!

Just been to Sydney for our very first trade fair. Great success, picked up a few good brands. Had appointments in Perth and Sydney with suppliers and they went well also.

When I got back from being in Sydney for two days, isla was the most excited to see me. I can't believe it she turned into a boy while I was gone. She has sarted pushing trucks around and making the noises. Ryan has been doing this for ages but I hadnt seen her do it until now.

Ryan has the biggest hands I have ever seen on a child of his age, Isla's are tiny in comparisen. Ryan is a very cuddly little boy, he loves to cuddle on the couch, so nice. I would not be surprised if he ends up a sportsman, he can sit opposit you and throw a ball to you and when I say to you I MEAN to you. He is amazing how straight his throwing is.

Henry will be five in two weeks, I find it hard to believe its been that long already. He is really growing up, all independant and then little things happen like when he cant get his t-shirt off for a bath, I remember that he is still just my eldest baby.

Charlie has the most charicter I have ever seen in a little boy, he just oozes it. Yesterday we had Amelias 1st B'day party and after eating cake he was walking around with his plate on his head and if you looked at him he would give you the huggest grin. Tonight I was so annoyed because he did a wee on the kitchen floor, I asked him why did you do that "just cos".

Today is monday and on Wednesday Damon and I head to Perth to fly out first thinh Thursday morn for NZ. I am not excited, I dont want to leave my kiddies. I know H & C will understand but not my babies, Isla will think I have deserted her. I know a week will go really quick but still I will miss them.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He Said

Yesterday Henry sarted Pre-Primary, as we drope down the drive way he said "you are not a very good driver, sometimes you drive in the paddock".

When we were in Albany we drove past a house Henry liked and he said "I wish we could live in Albany so then dad wouldnt have to go and do harvest"

The twins have just gone 14 months and boy have they grown up. Isla has not long been walking around the furniture. Ryan can stand and go up and down but does not yet want to walk. They are waking a lot during the night with teeth comming through.

Charlie is three months off three but he is starting to talk realluy clearly. He has been toilet training and has good and bad days.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Twins turn ONE!!

Yesterday my babies Ryan & Isla turned ONE. I can hardley believe one whole year has gone by since my babies entered this world. Ryan is crawling around, he has been standing holding furniture for a long while but has just started walking around holding on. Isla has only been crawling for a month and she is comando. She has just started standing up but only in the bath.

Charlie is growing up and he talks all the time, he is getting clearer everyday.

Henry told me today that he did a pee in a cap and then added a bit of water and had a taste. It was a bit yucky he said.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 Months Old

So Babies are six months old already, I really can't believe how fast time has gone. They are just so precious, I can't believe how lucky we are to have two babies at the same time. I had convinced myself that when they arrived life was going to be so difficult trying to manage four kids under four, but perhaps that was a blessing in disgise because it hasnt been nearly as hard as I had imagined. Don't get me wrong life is very busy and I really don't get time for this but I love ready back as my memory is not that flash.
Henry is at kindy which he really loves and Charlie is a little tear away and always on the go. He has to so everything Henry does and don't try doing anything for him as he HAS to do it himself.
Ryan can't wait till he is running around with the other boys and Isla is very quiet and just loves to be with mum. I still find it hard to believe I have a little girl it just blows me away.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Day

Henry has had his first day at kindy and I think he enjoyed it but he doesnt say much. In the morning he said he didnt want to go because he wanted to stay home and play lego but he did go.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My little Angels

The twins will be six weeks old in two days.

I will start with me going to Perth to wait for the twin to arrive. We headed to Perth at 34 weeks and I had my appointment with the OB and a scan then we headed back to the farm for a week. After that I had an appointment at 35 weeks and I asked if we could get these babies out a bit sooner and he said "not a good idea, we want them to mature as much as possible". I was a bit dissapointed as I was so uncomfortable but I understood. We spent time visiting with Wade and Kelli, Shane and Tracy, Grandma & Grandpa Meyers. I spent a week in Perth by myself while Carol had the kids at the farm. They arrived back in Perth a few days before Nov 27th. I had a lot of braxton hicks at night time and I would think "oh this is it" but when I got up they stopped. I needed to pee about 10 times a night and this was very paifull because it was so difficult to get up. On the 26th Damon started to drive to Perth for the birth the following day.

Thursday 26th November 2009

I realised in the morning that after I did a pee I still had a bit of fluid comming out but I couldnt decide if my bladder had given up (I didnt blame it) or my waters were leaking. I spoke to Damon and he suggested I ring the hospital. I rang the hospital and they said to come in right away, I asked if I could wait until Damon got there and we could go in together but she said to come in now. I rang Damon to meet me at the hospital. I put a pad in and Carol, Henry and I headed for the hospital. They decided that I was thining and getting ready for labour with a hind water leak so everyone started to prepare for an immediate ceaserian. Damon arrived and Carol decided it was time her and Henry headed which really upset Henry becasue he wanted to stay with dad. The anethasist came in with his fly down and Damon thought he was going to preform the ceaser. We were taken to the prep room by theatre and I had the epidural put in my back. He put the touno around my arm then started doing something else and I thought my arm was going to fall off, his assistant was really nice and she was wispering about him behind his back. So in we go and the ceaser starts. I had requested that I wanted skin to skin contact with both babies before they are wisked off by the pediatrician and I wanted to see the after birth (just curious). I was so scared about being cut into but so excited about finally meeting my babies and seeing if they are boys or girls. So it startes and with in seconds they show me a boy and the first thing that pops into my head is "I have four boys, for sure" then they wisk him away and suddenly they say here is the next one and low and behold its a GIRL. I couldnt believe it, everyone is congratulating us a boy and a girl, very cleaver apparently. Anyway next they are pulling and pushing my insides and suddenly it starts to hurt and I can feel it quickly getting worse. I don't really remember much after that as apparently they gave me a drug so that I don't remember. I dont remember being in recovery and we didnt have any photos taken in theatre with the babies. Next I remember we are in the room and I am feeding one of them Ryan I think and Isla is wanting a feed. Its a bit blury but I was ringing friends and family.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

32 Weeks and counting

I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote here and I hate that because I can't remember what has been happening.

I am getting slower and slower and my belly of course is getting bigger and bigger. On a warm day I am not good for much, I need to just lay around, my ancles swell up alot also. I have had my 28 week scan and all is going well in there, they are growing and are around the same size, just smaller than a singleton at the same stage. I had one appointment in Albany and that was non eventfull, my BP was 130/60 which is fine he said. Next week we head to Perth and we have a growth scan (doc said this will be our last scan) then a doc appo and then an appo with the surgen who will fix my hernia at the sametime as the twins come out. Other than feeling very tired I find it so difficult to roll over in bed at night so Im guessing my tummy is very heavy.

Charlie had a big fall out of his bed and he couldnt walk on one of his legs so we took him to Albany to have is checked out. They said it wouldnt be broken and that he would eventually walk on it. That was a Saturday so by Monday when he still wasnt walking on it we took him to Jerry and they did an x-ray but that showed no brake. Dr Nick said he would soon forget about it and start walking on. He did walk on it but then he would twist it wrong and he would limp some more. Although we decided that it was getting better. The following week Damon and I went to Perth and MIL had the kids and she decided that is was still broken and took him back to Nick who gave a referel to have it x-rayed in Albany. I thought MIL should have told us she was taking him back to the doc but she didnt until that night. The original doc who looked at him said exposing his body to the x-ray machine was worse when he knew it wasn't broken. Anyway I did as MIL wanted and took him to Albany to have the x-ray and still nothing so a good few weeks later, now,and he is absolutly fine. Alas he has been sleeping in his cot and he is only starting to show interest in his bed recentley.

Aaron has been here a good few weeks know and he is pretty good to have around, he likes to cook so about once a week he cooks us a meal and sometimes he even does the dishes. I had to force him to let me do his laundry.

We went to Bremer Bay yesterday afternoon and a quick play on the sand and then we headed to the pub for a meal. I didn't cope well yeasterday as I'm sure it was something like 35-40'c way way to hot and I couldn't find a way to keep cool. It was also very windy.